About the Zoo

The Las Vegas Zoological Park will be dedicated to connecting people with nature by providing a family-oriented wildlife experience, by exhibiting leadership and advancing the highest quality of animal care, education, science and conservation. The Park will be home to over 900 animals representing 300 species spread over a 100-acre campus. Each habitat will be designed to provide you and your family with an up-close-and-personal experience.

Board of Trustees

Las Vegas Zoological Society will rely on a Board of Trustees for leadership, guidance and fundraising as it maintains its animal collection and achieves its mission on conservation, research and education while serving its members and the community. The corporate structure is a public charity 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees. Las Vegas Zoological Park staff, both employees and volunteers will manage the day-to-day operations.

The Park

This planned accredited world-class zoo will have you and your family in mind with over sixteen major exhibits including African, Australian, Asian, American, Primate, the Children’s Zoo, Big Cat
, Aquatic, Reptile, Botanical Garden, Lemur, Aviary, Reptile and and Nevada. The park will include a special area for children call the Children's Zoo with pony and camel rides and a petting Zoo. Outside the Children's Zoo a large Carousel will mark the entrance. The Motor Safari Ride will carry visitors around the Park with four area stations. Other Park favorites will be a playground with picnic area and a children's wet water area to cool off on hot summer days. The Park entrance will feature a two-story, lodge-style building that will include admission, guest services, members services, a café, animal art gallery and gift shop; and the second floor will serve as administrative and staff offices.

Our planned extraordinary collection will include a wide variety of exotic animals ranging from grizzly bear to primate, tiger, bird and reptile. All will be featured in the aforementioned exhibits.

The Park will also offer banquet & catering facilities for personal or corporate events. We plan to offer an outside sheltered picnic area seating 200, two arenas/amphitheatres seating 700 each and inside auditorium seating 500.

The Master Plan

Our Master Plan and Site Plan will be designed by the world's leading architects in Zoo design to improve the lives of animals and enhance educational resources for families. This Master Plan will create a family adventure in which visitors will stroll winding paths to view animals roaming within natural habitats that look and feel like the wild. Habitats will be designed with state-of-the-art animal homes that are both physically and psychologically stimulating.
The Master Plan will call for the development of 75 acres of the 100 acres within phase I of the plan; phase II will be development of the remaining 25 acres.The Las Vegas Zoological Society has located five sites of interest within the Southwest area of Las Vegas.


An investment in conservation and research is an investment in the future. The Las Vegas Zoological Park will feature an on-campus Conservation Center with a long-term focus on animal well-being, education, science and field work. The Conservation Center community outreach will offer leadership programs for children, students, teachers and others among the general public to make a positive impact on the natural world around them. Our research will engage animal studies and fieldwork that promote the protection of threatened and endangered species, ecosystem changes and the study of human value of the natural world and to engage more sustainable behaviors.


The Las Vegas Zoological Society is committed to provide educational programs to the children of the Society as well as children in the community. Our zookeepers, veterinarians, educators, students and volunteers will reach into the community to educate, rehabilitate, and collaborate with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups. We plan to teach and inspire thousands of children of all ages and backgrounds to understand the needs, behaviors and care of animals.

The Park will feature an Education Center and Animal Wellness Center that will include a clinic and shelter for non-Park animals. For high school students we will offer the Zoo Academy (four year college preparatory program). We plan for partnerships with CCSD, UNLV, UNR and CSN. The Park will offer Safari Camp for children, workshops and classes and field trips for the general public, internship for college students and a campus public Zoo library. To promote our educational platform we plan to publish a monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine for Society members called the “ Wild Zone,” as well as a weekly TV show highlighting our animals and the Zoo.